Zero Children on Streets

Fecane Child Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps impoverished children with resettlement, education, life skills, career guidance and HIV/AIDs awareness. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for young people to take control of their lives and fulfilling lives.  

Soccer Academy

The Academy's approach is to start with the children's potential resources. Living and training together as a team also enables them to improve their social skills and gives them the experience of being integrated into the soccer community

Education Programs

Focussing on the sustainable improvement of future perspectives of children and youths from the streets and poor families. Fecane has worked tirelessly looking for educational support

Music and Dance

Using creative methods in order to increase community awareness enables to address topics as HIV/AIDS, hygiene and health matters in general, human rights and child protection issues

Pure Water

Need of it is essential for the health and wellbeing of communities. Without access to clean water sources, people are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases and illnesses which can have detrimental consequences

Love & Care

In all our programs and activities we always carryout it out of genuine love and care we have towards the vulnerable children, youths and people from different communities

Resource Centre

Created a resource centre by practicing different activities for example allowing youth to learn about their sex behaviours, girls how to take care of themselves in periods. Youth can access more information from different text books and internet.

Featured Causes

See the different causes that we have intervened in our community

Rescuing, Rehabilitation and Re-settling of the street kids

These exercises gave the children an opportunity to rethink about the life they were living...


Girls Education Challenge (GEC)

As girls are the most vulnerable group of the slum community, Fecane developed a program focusing on empowering girls. The Girl Child Program provides ...

Stopping child labour and promoting Child Protection

Fecane has continued to work with local leaders to ensure child protection at all levels in different communities and they have been trained.....

How you’re changing children’s lives


Improve the health conditions of the street children located in different slum areas which are rich of prone colonial disease and these areas do not have enough and improved medical facilities


We provide education and support activities for the vulnerable and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. We help create pathways to destinies of hope, progress, opportunity, and success in life. Partner with us today to contribute your part towards making a difference in their lives.

Our Volunteers

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Education Cordinator

Mr Abdul

Street kids relations

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Mr Bahati

Children Welfares

What is FECANE?

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"I had the pleasure to spend the whole day Shafic Kalanzi and his little project Fecane Child Foundation in the slum area of wakiso-Kampala, Fecane involves the children of the slum in football, dancing, netball and gymnastic, creating healthy and inclusive activities for the kids. Truly an amazing intiative that come from the community within . Well done Shafic!."
Ole G. Michelsen Norway
Education was a distant dream for me until the Fecane Child Foundation intervened. They provided scholarships and mentorship programs that allowed me to pursue my passion for secondary education. Today, I am a student, ready to make a positive impact on the world. None of this would have been possible without the foundation's belief in the power of education
"After struggling with homelessness for years, the Fecane Child Foundation extended a helping hand. They not only provided me with a shelter but also offered vocational training. Today, I have a job and a place to call home. This foundation changed my life, giving me the chance to rebuild and contribute to society again."
Nsamba Micheal