The January Report 2024

The Visit

The visit of Ole from Norway on 31st Jan 2024 was a significant event for our organization, particularly for the football program in Bwaise-Kawala. Our founder and the entire team warmly welcomed Ole and he had an opportunity to interact with the players and observe their training sessions. His presence served as a source of inspiration for all involved. During his visit, Ole took the time to speak encouraging words to each player individually, motivating them to continue pursuing their passion for football.

He also shared some valuable insights about techniques and strategies used by professional players in world particularly, which were eagerly received by our coach. As a memento of this special occasion, we made sure to take plenty of photos capturing moments from Ole’s interaction with our players and coach. These pictures serve as a tangible reminder of the positive impact that his visit had on everyone at our organization. He took time and toured around the area and visited the players homes and their living conditions.

Overall, it was truly an enriching experience having someone like Ole share his knowledge and support with us. We are grateful for his generosity in taking out time from his busy schedule to come see us and hope to maintain a strong connection with him in the future. This visit has further motivated us towards achieving our goals in promoting youth development through sports.

The continuous training sessions

The dedication and hard work of the football team never wavered as they continued their rigorous training throughout the entire month. Led by their skilled coaches, the team had a four-day training program each week that pushed them to new heights and enhanced their skills in accordance with the demands of the game. As word spread about the success of the team and the high-quality coaching they received, more players were drawn to join. This increase in numbers meant there was an even greater need for necessary equipment such as balls, cones, and other essential gear. Despite these challenges, the passionate players remained focused on improving themselves every day.

A day at our training grounds

Their determination never faltered as they trained rigorously and eagerly awaited their next opportunity to show off their talents on the field. With each passing session, it was apparent that this intense training regime was truly beneficial to not only individual players but also to strengthening teamwork within the squad.

The progress of the dancing and drama group

The dancing and drama group has made significant improvements in their lead role over the past few weeks. This can be attributed to their dedication and passion towards their dance practices. They have incorporated a lot of creativity and emotional expression into each performance, contributing to their growth as a team. Furthermore, during the holiday period, there was an influx of new members from within the community who were interested in joining the group’s rehearsals.

Their presence has added diversity and enthusiasm to the group’s dynamic. The group has also taken advantage of this opportunity by documenting their progress through photos and videos. These visual materials not only showcase their talent but also serve as motivation for them to continue pushing themselves towards further improvement.

Overall, it is evident that with increased participation, artistic flair, and determination, the dancing and drama group has elevated its status within the community and is on track towards reaching even greater heights in future performances.

Friendly Match

The senior team showed significant progress in their skills during the month due to a fixed match that they participated in. This highly competitive game against another club challenged them and helped them improve on their techniques, leading to a well-deserved 2-1 victory for our organization. Despite facing financial constraints, the team always makes an effort to represent our organization with pride on these tours and this dedication deserves recognition and rewards.

n order to reach our goal of participating in the FIFA division league, there are several areas that need improvement within our senior team. The most pressing issue is financial support, as we require funding for new jerseys, goal keeper gears and training kits. Additionally, we also need assistance with transportation services and medical personnel to ensure the well-being of our players during matches and training sessions.

However, despite these challenges, our team remains dedicated and committed to achieving success. We have shown perseverance through difficult circumstances but still require support in all aspects to continue improving and reaching our full potential

Sure, there is need for financial support to improve and provide for our game and players’ welfare

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“When life throws them curveballs, these vulnerable children find solace in the predictable bounce of a football, reminding them that some games are played with the heart, not just the feet.”


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