February Report

”For the love and development of Slum football”

February has been a month of finding ways on how to implement the growth and development of slum football in our community of Bwaise and neighbouring areas, despite the resuming of school which meant the number of players was reduced and other organisation activities were paused, football being our main activity we hoped to continue with it with the few players during week days and on weekends, we also continued our regular training sessions during weekdays with the available players. Our coaching staff worked tirelessly to improve individual skills while instilling values such as teamwork, resilience and respect among all participants. As an organization focused on holistic development of youngsters through sports, we did not neglect education even though it meant pausing some activities temporarily due to resumption of school. We ensured that all school going participants enrolled at nearby schools receive educational materials like stationery kits or exercise books donated by well wishers who believe education is key towards breaking poverty cycle which affects most slum dwellers including many children who make majority numbers within existing statistics Overall, February has been a busy yet fulfilling month for us as we continue striving towards achieving our goal of using slum football as a tool for positive change within our community. Despite challenges posed by limited resources and time constraints due to school activities, we were able to make a significant impact and create opportunities for young footballers in Bwaise. We are excited to see what the future holds as we continue our efforts in promoting slum football and empowering the youth.

The coaching team implemented a range of innovative training exercises for our young athletes, greatly enhancing the engagement and enthusiasm during practice sessions. These drills provided an exciting challenge for players who were new or at a lower skill level, but the coach ensured that they were able to catch up with their peers through individualized instruction and support. As a result, all players showed consistent interest in attending training and saw steady improvement in their skills. All of this is more than just football practicing, this is because of the intent to give hope to a whole lot of youths who have what it takes to show the zeal, passion, aspiration, attitude and most especially exceptional football skills and talents needed to be one of the best in the few years to come.

There is more needed to achieve this!

As with most humanitarian organizations, we require material and financial assistance in running the academy and giving hope to more youth footballers, Training material such as football boots, Jerseys and training kits for various sports, cones, soccer hose (socks), shin guards, footballs, first aid medical facilities, nets, and all other sports equipment and materials. To this regards, we call up our well wishers donors and established football clubs to donate their used items as mentioned above.

Thank you!

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