The Fecane Child Foundation thrives on the support and dedication of numerous individuals, particularly the active involvement of community members. The collective effort of those who believe in our mission and the valuable work we do, while also providing financial support, is crucial to our success. If you’re considering joining us in this meaningful cause, we can guide you through the various ways you can contribute and become involved. Let’s work together to make a positive difference in the lives of children in need.

Permanent Donation

With a regular donation to the Fecane Child Foundation, you support our project work in the long term and thus make an important contribution to sustainably improving the living situation of disadvantaged people. Your support allows us to plan and implement initiatives that address the root causes of poverty and inequality, creating lasting change in the lives of those we serve. By becoming a regular donor, you become part of a community dedicated to making a real impact, ensuring that our efforts can continue and grow. Through your ongoing support, you help us provide essential resources, education, and opportunities that empower individuals and communities for a better, brighter future. Thank you for considering joining us in this vital mission.

Why donate regularly?

Together, we are changing the world: quick help in times of need and long-term, sustainable projects—all of this can only be realized with predictable funds. Through regular donations, our permanent donors support us in our mission to provide vulnerable children and youths with access to education and empower them to lead self-determined lives.

Small, regular donations—big impact: in 2023 alone, Fecane Child Foundation supported over 100 people in Bwaise and Kisenyi areas with 3 projects. For children and youths in particular, this support means a chance for healthy physical development and better educational and career opportunities.

A few examples:

  • With 50 dollars a month, 30 children in Kisenyi can get a healthy meal a day.
  • With 60 dollars per year, you make it possible to buy school books for a child in Bwaise.
  • With 300 dollars per year, a child’s school fees for a full year.

Your benefits as a permanent donor:

  1. As a small thank you, you will receive the thank-you message by e-mail.
  2. At the beginning of each year, we will send you a donation receipt by e-mail. Your donations are tax-deductible.
  3. You will also receive the Fecane Child Foundation annual report each year.
  4. You can end your support at any time.

Single Donation

Support the work of the Fecane Child Foundation with your donation and enable disadvantaged people to live a better future. With our bank details provided below, you can donate. Thank you very much for your support!

At the beginning of the year, you will receive a donation receipt by e-mail.

Mileage Donation

By participating in the Miles & More donation, you have the opportunity to donate miles to the Fecane Child Foundation and thus support the important work of our project, “Closer to the World. Closer to its people.”

What can you do with your mileage donation? From 1,000 miles upwards, you can donate your miles freely without tying them to a specific purpose, or you can make a themed donation to support a region or area that is particularly close to your heart. You can choose from professional projects in Uganda in the fields of education, nutrition, health, and hygiene.

Redeem your miles now and give disadvantaged people a better future!

If you do not have enough miles yourself, we would be pleased if you could inform your friends and relatives about the possibility of donating miles. Thank you very much!

You can rely on the Fecane Child Foundation to use your donation to the best of its ability to help people in urgent need of our support. This means that we use earmarked donations for the purpose specified by the donor. However, in individual cases, Fecane Child Foundation reserves the right to use donations for other important aid projects

This is how you can become a donor: